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This year, the Pride will consist of six teams representing different colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). While taking the same route, we are to make the parade colorful! 

  1. Date and Time: October 26 (Sat). All teams should check in after 12:00, the Red, Orange and Yellow team will gather at 12:30 and depart at 13:30, while the Green, Blue and Purple team will gather at 13:30 and depart at 14:30. 

  2. Check-in location and route: information will announced at the beginning of October. 

  3. Signing up for group participants: From September 1st to October, 15th, 2019 

    Interested groups should fill up the application form within the aforementioned period, and the first version of the group list will be announced on October 1st on both the Facebook page and the official website of Taiwan LGBT Pride, while an Email notification regarding team arrangement will also be sent out to individual groups. The final list will be announced on October 18th online and through Email. 

  4. While filling up the application form, please select three colors according to your preference (please do not choose the same color repeatedly), or the Pride organizer will be at liberty to make the arrangement. There is a cap for participants for each team, and signing up will no longer be possible once the cap is reached. It is recommended that all groups should sign up at their earlier convenience. 

  5. In order for the Pride to proceed smoothly, the Pride organizer retains the right to make any necessary adjustment about team arrangement. 

  6. Political parties are also welcomed to sign up, but any materials distributed during the Pride should be compatible with this year’s theme “Together, Make Taiwan Better.”

  7. Due to safety concerns, it is strictly prohibited to use the following vehicles both at the starting point and during the Pride:  

    a. Electrically-powered vehicles (including but not limited to Segway)

    b. Animal-powered vehicles (such as horse or ox carriages) 

    c. Human-powered vehicles (such as bicycles, tricycles and kick scooters) are not allowed to be ridden but shall be pulled by hand.  

    ★ This does not apply to assistive devices.  

For any question or special need, please write to the organizing team at, we will reply to your request as soon as possible. 

On October 26th, let us march together and show the Taiwanese society the “good neighbor of the LGBT+ community!”


Signing up for a Pride team

Please leave a mobile number for easier contact
please do not choose the same color repeatedly
please do not choose the same color repeatedly
please do not choose the same color repeatedly
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