2019 Taiwan Pride Guide


Theme of Taiwan LGBT Pride 2019

Together, Make Taiwan Better

The 17th Taiwan LGBT Pride chooses “Together, Make Taiwan Better” to be our theme, while “together” means living and standing with each other. Whether it is about long-term care for the elderly, de-stigmatization of HIV/AIDS, gender equity education, workplace equality, marriage equality, equal rights for people with disabilities, legalization of sex work, indigenous people and immigrants, as well as transformative justice, as a member of the LGBT+ community, we can live and stand with each other, being each other’s “good neighbor,” by caring and learning about these issues, and then further supporting each other. In the Taiwanese society, diversity, inclusion and harmony are the wisdoms of interpersonal interactions and social values that everyone praises. Straight or gay, we are each other’s good neighbor, with whom we can live together in harmony. Meanwhile, Taiwan will also become the world’s good neighbor because of the happiness and mutual wellbeing within our society.    

This year marks the first year of same-sex marriage in Taiwan, but LGBT+ movement cannot come to an end yet, because discriminations and misunderstandings haven’t disappeared entirely. Whenever the sun shines, we should not forget that there are still shadows behind us. As long as we are willing to step and speak up, our stories will bring the Taiwanese society more understandings and changes.  

We all deserve a good neighbor, and we can all be together and become a good neighbor for the LGBT+ community.


Three Major Events

Pride Month event series

Starting from October, there will be a series of lectures, a film festival, exhibitions, discussion forums about coming out, as well as the first transgender march in East Asia. Through these series of activities, we hope to show the public and the international society the diversity and solidarity of the gender movement in Taiwan. 

Starting point: the Rainbow Market

This year, a “Rainbow Market” will take place at Taipei City Hall Plaza, the starting point of the Pride, for which a hundred stands will be invited, and various rainbow-themed merchandises and friendly businesses will gather together. We invite everyone to take a stroll at the market, boosting the pink economy together. 

Destination: the Rainbow Ambassador

On “Ketagalan Boulevard” the destination of this year’s pride, we will invite the rainbow ambassador to speak up for love on stage and to encourage every LGBT+-friendly citizen to understand and support each other, so as to create a friendly Taiwan filled with more harmony and mutual respect.


Rainbow Market

At the starting point of this year’s Pride, a Rainbow Market with 100 different stands awaits you. 

Here, you will find rainbow-themed merchandises that you cannot resist, adult toys that make you blush, and popular design products that will sooth you. 

Of course, you will also have the chance to learn about different issues advocated by NGOs and social movement groups. 

This is a rainbow market for everyone. 

What are you waiting for? 

Let’s join the dynamic and energetic Taiwan LGBT Pride 2019! 

When: October 26th (Sat), 12:00-18:00
Where: Taipei City Hall Plaza


Pride Route

The planned route for Taiwan LGBT Pride 2019

Date: October 26th (Sat), Taipei
Starting point: Taipei City Hall Plaza
Destination: Ketagalan Boulevard



Rainbow market booth map

Rainbow market booth map


Business Collaboration 

This year, we hope to invite more friendly business partners to join us, not only to show the strength of businesses but also to allow our business partners to experience the power of pink economy. We are introducing the options of “sponsoring projects for overall friendly business image,” “commercial sponsorship,” and “sponsorship for the promotional vans during the Pride,” while businesses are also welcomed to join the first-time “Rainbow Market.” 

For business collaboration, please contact 2019twpridecoop@gmail.com


NGO stands at the Rainbow Market 

What we wish to emphasize through our theme this year is not only the visibility of LGBT+ individuals in our society, but more importantly, the coming out of all supporting individuals, in order to demonstrate proudly the diversity, exclusion and integration of the Taiwanese society filled with friendliness and mutual respect. Therefore, we would also like to invite foreign NGOs to set up a stand at the Rainbow Market on the day of the Pride, so that participants from all over the world will be able to experience a more diverse and richer Taiwanese society.

For a foreign NGO to set up a stand at the Rainbow Market, please contact   2019twpridenpo@gmail.com

Contact Pride Organizer

Founded in 1998, Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association is the first registered national LGBT+ organization in Taiwan. Starting with a telephone consultation service, Hotline has developed diverse services for the LGBT+ community, as well as carries out educational and promotional projects targeting at the public and professionals. Hotline is also actively engaged in policy advocacy for LGBT+ rights on all aspects. 


Tourist Information


Food in Taiwan

When talking about Taiwan, we have to think of the endless gourmet food! You can find a very diverse and rich food culture in Taiwan, and because of the open and liberal personality of the Taiwanese, restaurants serving specialties from South-east Asia, Japan, Korea, America and different Chinese provinces are all very common. The most representative of the Taiwanese food culture and features is of course the night markets, where you can satisfy your appetite by strolling through various stands. The classics include oyster omelet, fish cake (tempura), braised pork rice, stinky tofu, beef noodle, and steamed dumpling (xiaolongbao). In addition, there is also a very lively night life in Taiwan. Other than bars, Taiwan has one of the highest density of convenience stores in the world. Moreover, because of its location and climate, Taiwan also offers a large and diverse selection of fruits, beverages, ices and sweets, none of which you should miss! 

“Bravo! Taiwan! - Food” by Taiwan Tourism Bureau


Traffic in Taipei

The Pride is to take place in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan. Getting around in Taipei City is very easy, while the public transportation system including buses and metros can take you to almost all major tourist sites. You can also rent a U-Bike, the city’s public bike, to stroll through the city. When using public transportation, it is the most convenient for you to pay with an Easy Card or iPass, while you can also choose to use a Taipei Tourist Passport based on your planned length of stay in the city. Google Maps supports the function of planning your route in Taipei City, with which you can find out the easiest, quickest way of traveling from A to B. If you plan to travel outside of the city, you can also choose to rent a car or use long-distance buses. 

Taipei Metro Taipei Pass U-Bike


Weather in Taipei

Taiwan has a rather humid climate, with the average temperature being 25°C (77°F) in late October.  Dressing yourself in an “onion style” can prevent you from being hit by a sudden temperature drop, as well as allow you to adjust your clothing according to the weather. In addition, under the influence of the northeast monsoon, there may be rain occasionally. We suggest that you should check the weather forecast before going out and bring an umbrella with you just in case. 

Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan


Accommodation in Taipei

In addition to the landscape, the most beautiful view in Taiwan is its people! The friendliness and passion of Taiwanese people are well known by the entire world, and you would certainly be welcomed with warmth and home-like treatment. LGBT+-friendly hotels can be found everywhere, and you can easily reach your hotel by metro or UBER. After enjoying the beautiful landscape of Taiwan, you will be going back to a comfortable and cozy environment provided by your hotel, where you can get rest and prepare yourself for another busy day of sightseeing. Also, grabbing a late-night snack is without any hassle with the convenience Taipei offers. For the entire Pride Month in Taiwan, Taipei promises you fun days and relaxed nights!   

Travel Taipei